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Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies

David Zhang John Hopkins has found that each year, 26% of adults in the U.S. are diagnosed with some kind of mental health disorder, which lasts weeks to a lifetime. The prevalence of mental illnesses is astounding across the world, and people …

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The Inevitable Comparison

Serena Mao It’s almost inevitable to commit the crime of sibling comparison as a parent: after all, when your kids live in the same household under your guidance, it seems natural to see how each of them compare in the face of …

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Constructive Criticism

Serena Mao Our friends and family are typically those that are the most comfortable asking for our opinions on what they are doing or should do. On the contrary, however, they are also the people that we likely feel the most uncomfortable …

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Saying Hi

Serena Mao The worst feeling is seeing your classmates at the store. Often it’s not someone that we’re best friends with, rather, it’s often people that we’re slightly acquainted with but don’t know too well. We are then forced into this dilemma …

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Abolish the Capital Gains Tax

Serena Mao The capital gains tax in America is a tax on, well, capital gains: in other words, when you buy something and sell for a higher price, the money you earn is subject to capital gains tax. Investments in American are …

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The Power of Choice

Serena Mao Everyone has responsibilities at home they’d rather not do. Whether it be cleaning the dishes, washing the floor, or taking out the trash, we have a plethora of chores that we know we should do but never want to do. …

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The Teen Brain

By Serena Mao Modern teenagers are often associated with disobedience, taking risks, and making irrational decisions. Though many families can relate to these stereotypes, fewer attempt to analyze the scientific and logical basis for the difference in behavior between teenagers and adults, …

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