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Why is Universal Income a Bad Idea 

person counting cash by hand

A universal income may seem like a true social welfare paradise. In general, UBI (universal basic income) is a regular cash payment made to people to increase income. It would have minimal or no requirements for receiving money. In a world where …

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Inflation Skyrocketed! Why the Fed was to be Blamed.

By Owen Ouyang By the emergence and expansion of modern economic interventionism, as the gold standard outlawed and fiat money prevailed, the lack of stable currency and overwhelming state seigniorage have caused inflation and unstable prices to be rampant worldwide. By recent …

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The Inevitable Comparison

Serena Mao It’s almost inevitable to commit the crime of sibling comparison as a parent: after all, when your kids live in the same household under your guidance, it seems natural to see how each of them compare in the face of …

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Constructive Criticism

Serena Mao Our friends and family are typically those that are the most comfortable asking for our opinions on what they are doing or should do. On the contrary, however, they are also the people that we likely feel the most uncomfortable …

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