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U.S. Conducts Airstrikes in Syria

By Kevin Zhang The United States military has stated that it carried out attacks on facilities in eastern Syria that were being used by Iran-backed militia on Thursday, following recent rocket attacks on U.S. military locations in Iraq.  “At President Biden’s direction, …

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Widespread Power Outages in Texas After Winter Storm

By Kevin Zhang After a winter storm that settled in on the American Midwest around February 13th, many American households, particularly in Texas, lost power.  In widespread power outages caused by freezing temperatures, millions of Americans were without power, and some even …

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Senate Acquits Trump With 57-43 Vote

By Kevin Zhang On Saturday, February 13th, the Senate voted to acquit Donald Trump of his role in influencing the January 6th insurrection at Capitol Hill. They voted on whether Trump had been “willfully inciting violence against the Government of the United …

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Myanmar Military Coup

By Kevin Zhang Myanmar’s military has seized power after detaining Aung San Suu Kyi and other democratic leaders. The military has declared a one-year state of emergency, with night-time curfews and troops patrolling the streets. U.S. President Joe Biden has threatened the …

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Joe Biden Unveils New Economic Relief Package

By Kevin Zhang President-elect Joe Biden has just unveiled a new $1.9tn stimulus plan for the U.S. economy, which has been sapped by the coronavirus. If passed by Congress, the package would include around $1tn in total for U.S. households, with direct …

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Rioters Storm Congress

Kevin Zhang Around 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday, January 6th, 2021, hundreds of pro-Trump protesters pushed through barriers set up around the Capital, where they scuffled with police officers in full riot gear.  Around 90 minutes later, police reports stated that protesters …

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Aden Airport Blast

By Kevin Zhang On Wednesday, December 30th, a large explosion struck the airport in the southern Yemeni city of Aden, shortly after the newly formed cabinet arrived there by plane.  According to Yemen’s internationally recognized government, Iran-backed Houthi rebels were responsible for …

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Nashville Explosion

By Kevin Zhang On early Christmas morning, Nashville residents were startled by gunshots that rang out in a downtown community. Shortly after, residents looked out their windows to see an old white recreational vehicle parked on the street. A woman’s voice started …

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