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Space Deep-Sleep

By Everett In most space movies in this age, the occupants of a space ship are put in deep sleep, as it will take many many years to get to their destination. This kind of deep-sleep technology has been complete fiction. But …

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Transplanting Pig Kidney to the Human Body

By: Zeru (Peter) Li Recently, scientists at NYU Langone Health conducted a mind-blowing experiment: transplanting a pig’s kidney to the human body. The surgery was proven to be a success, and a brand new chapter in researching cross-species transplants begins. This could …

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Deep Space Atomic Clock

By Kevin Zhang A sample of a deep space atomic clock is recently launched into space and is expected to become the most stable atomic clock ever built. The miniature atomic clock, which could be installed on future spacecraft or satellites, could …

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Embracing Sustainability: Big Tech Edition

By: Zeru (Peter) Li As climate change continues to influence our lives, major tech companies, including Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, etc., are standing up to promote change and advocate for a sustainable future. There are many approaches to this problem, and some …

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Satellites Blocking Our Sky

by David Zhang Satellites are man-made objects used to orbit the earth in order to provide humans with different services, such as GPS, communication, images, and climate information. As we continue to improve our technology, more and more satellites will be sent …

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Terraform or Fix

By: Dan We’ve been imagining how to create a new Earth as long as we’ve known that ours was dying. In the late 1930s, a few scientists and engineers posited that variations in climate were caused by humans—or more specifically, human-built systems …

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The Metaverse

By Zeru (Peter) Li Two weeks ago, at a special event, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would change its name to Meta, a dedication to the company’s mission forward as a virtual reality provider. The iconic “F” logo was also changed to …

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EVs in 2021

By: Zeru (Peter) Li Electric vehicles are more prevalent now than ever, with Tesla successfully pushing the launch of its newest Model Y and Cyber Trucks. However, there are many more options now than simply Tesla in the EV market. Today, we …

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