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Global Environment

The Greenhouse Effect

by: Winford Chang Around the world greenhouses are used to help grow and nurture plants. Greenhouses take the outside light and convert it into heat and trap it inside to keep plants warm and protected from outside. Because of all the excess …

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Mount Everest is losing height

Owen Xu Li Researchers from the University of Maine have discovered that the South Col Glacier, located almost at the top of Mount Everest, has lost almost 54 meters of thickness in the last two decades. This means that the glacier is …

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Dangers of the Rainbow Trout

The invasive species "rainbow trout"

Winford Chang  2/6/22 The rainbow trout looks like a harmless fish that couldn’t even hurt a baby, right? Wrong, The rainbow trout is a lot more dangerous than what it seems. The rainbow trout is a cold water fish that fares well …

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