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Global Environment

Microplastic Pollution

Christina Hua Invented in 1907, plastic has been the source of many environmental debates, ranging from pollution concerns to biodegradability. Problems such as the usage of plastic straws and littering of soda rings are particularly mainstream as it endangers and kills sea …

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Consequences of Fast Fashion

By Kaitlyn Wang Shoes worn only several times, forgotten dresses hanging in the closet, T-shirts that have barely seen the light of day—too often, clothes are purchased, then set aside and eventually discarded.   According to McKinsey & Company, the number of …

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Blue Stars

By Anonymous You’ve probably seen beautiful pictures and lovely videos of glowing, blue “stars” in the ocean. Have you ever wondered what they were? Look no further: The glow is caused by bioluminescent (light generated by living organisms) producing plants and organisms. …

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No Bees, No Food

Submitted by: Eileen Guo Millions of bees are dying off, with alarming consequences for our environment and our food supply. We rely on bees to pollinate everything from almonds to strawberries to the lucerne used to feed dairy cows. What happens if …

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Turn Your Key: Save Humanity

by Jamie Minden It’s miserably hot as my car trundles into the grocery store parking lot, heat waves rolling off the black asphalt.  As I open my door, I am overpowered by an unmistakable smell: gasoline. I notice a woman to my …

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