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The Therapeutic Value of Apples

By Bill Chang

Apples have always been a food that has been admired and recommended by doctors. The saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” certainly can relate. But what exactly is the reason that apples are the most popular fruit throughout many countries in the world?

Apples are eliminative food, they contain a type of fiber called pectin which can take in excessive water in the intestines and it will form a soft bulk may stimulate the intestines and aid the natural bowel movement. As you eat an apple the fibers transform into a gelatinous form, and slows down digestion, which lets you absorb more nutritions. Iron is a substance our body cannot live without, but is hard to absorb. Apples can help our bodies absorb iron from other foods, which contains a generous amount of calcium. It can also help body assimilate the calcium in other food as well.

Apples are high in Vitamin A. This well known nutrient helps fight colds, strengthens the immune system, and promotes body growth. Many people eat apples to keep their eyes in shape and prevent night blindness. In addition to Vitamin A, large amounts of Vitamin C can be found inside apples. Vitamin C is essential in keeping bones and teeth strong, and works as a body normalizer. We also found Vitamin B which is very important to maintain the nervous system.

Apples are great blood purifiers, they can help regulate the blood pressure and hardening of the arteries. The lymphatic system will also benefit from apples, and patients with Anemia often ingest apples to help keep their circulatory systems working.

Last but not least, the juice of apples is good for everyone. It can be used in a cleansing and reducing diet, also speeding up bowel action. In addition to being the world famous drink, it helps prevent bowel irritations and overall makes your mood much better.

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