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Sugar: Wolf is Sheepskin?

By Xin Chang   The world is filled with harmful articles about fast food and the many ingredients in fast food. Sugar is among the top of this list, and the use of it has received a lot of criticism. And yet, …

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Tea Time!

By Jiemin Sun Tea is a traditional drink for many Asian countries, but now in America, it has become a popular beverage for many. It can even be said to rival coffee in taste and also as a relaxing drink that helps …

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Let Us Meditate

By Jiemin Sun For many Western scientists, meditation is nothing more than a way to relax, or lower one’s blood pressure. While this is true, meditation can do much more for you. Meditation can improve your health physically and emotionally. Many people …

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Zero Waste Living

By Kaitlyn Wang Bea Johnson, founder of the Zero Waste lifestyle movement, owns 100 glass jars that she uses instead of plastic containers or bags. They hold anything from flour to dried fruit, from cosmetics to a year’s worth of waste. At …

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The Trade War

Serena Mao One of the most significant aspects of Donald Trump’s presidency so far has been the US-China trade war. The two world superpowers have been involved in an intense tit-for-tat trade war for the past few months. The situation ignited from …

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Serena Mao All the decisions in you’ve ever made have led up to you reading this sentence right here, right now. Most of these decisions were purposeful- they were made consciously, and of your own choice. But other circumstances have drastically swayed …

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Stretching against Stress

By Allen Bryan   Have you ever felt sore after a long run, or had a strain on your body? If so, stretching may be very beneficial. Stretching is deliberately flexing a muscle or tendon in order to lengthen it. In doing …

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