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How to properly perform CPR

Winford Chang CPR standing for cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a technique or procedure that could potentially save someone’s life. For situations like cardiac arrest the heart doesn’t function correctly and you need to manually pump the heart for them and keep blood flowing …

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Sha’Carri Richardson disqualified

News came out just after the Olympic qualifiers that USA 100 meter sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson will be disqualified from the Olympics after testing positive for marijuana usage. This was extremely controversial with many famous sports players tweeting out in outrage to this …

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Are Superteams Killing the Game?

Over the recent years in sports, mainly the NBA, one question has been bounced around. “Are Super Teams killing the NBA”. A superteam is one where there are multiple superstar players in it. Not just great players, but the best of the …

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Is this the End for Serena Williams

The buzz surrounding the semi-finals at the Australian Open tennis tournament this February was been louder than usual.  Legendary tennis player, Serena Williams, had made it to the semi-finals and was facing Naomi Osaka in a Grand Slam tournament for the first …

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Serena Williams and the U.S Open

By: Allen Bryan Serena Williams shook off Sloane Stephens on Saturday in the third round to advance to the round of 16 of the U.S. Open. In defeating the 27-year-old Stephens, Williams inched closer to the quarterfinals of yet another Grand Slam …

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Woman Changing the Game

By: Allen Bryan Sports are more than just fun and games. They’re a means for change. It’s been nearly 50 years since Title IX was passed in the United States, opening gymnasiums and playing fields to girls and women. It is no …

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What is Badminton?

By: Allen Bryan Badminton is a sport popular all around the globe: from Europe, to Asia, to the Americas. Along the way, the game has evolved into many different versions as well. Today, we will be discussing the origins of badminton and …

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College Football

Heading into the beginning of the school-year, many college football fans are wondering what the season will be like. But, there are many, including Urban Meyer, FOX sports analyst, who is optimistic of the upcoming season. He believes that many, if not …

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