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Let Us Meditate

By Jiemin Sun

For many Western scientists, meditation is nothing more than a way to relax, or lower one’s blood pressure. While this is true, meditation can do much more for you.

Meditation can improve your health physically and emotionally. Many people do not think it’s plausible, but in fact, meditation can make people live slightly longer. You can treat heart and respiratory diseases just by simply breathing. While breathing, you should slowly take in air for several counts, and fill up your lungs fully, holding your breath for around three seconds, and then slowly releasing it. What will happen is that not only will your entire body be relaxed, tension in many muscles will be eased as well.

The most important thing meditation does is opening up our minds, changing the way we see things, and forming a great habit. When you meditate every day, you can solve problems in your daily life. What do you get, what has been lost, what has been done? When you are multitasking during the day, your mind is not focused. When you sit down and meditate, you can clear your mind and gain a thorough understanding of what you need to improve. When your body is in a state of silence, your mind must be the most active. Studies showed that meditation can alter brain structure, empower the feeling of empathy, and enhance positive thinking skills. Experts used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to observe brain changes after novices participated in meditation for eight weeks. They found that brain activity related to positive thinking increased, and the limbic system of the brain (emotional control) was also stimulated. These subjects showed clear signs of and increase in  positive emotions.

Since positive emotions and thoughts are good for one’s well-being, meditation is considered to be able to fully enhance both physical and mental health.

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