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Dangers of DIY Routines

Submitted by: Selena Guo

Nowadays, DIY beauty routines have become increasingly popular. Their benefits are clear to see; they are often cheaper, all-natural, and usually work just as well. However, without proper understanding of the ingredients, even all-natural remedies can hurt you.

One example is using lemon to whiten teeth. It is believed that the acid from the lemon will eat away at plaque and stains. While many have seen results, there is some risk involved. Citric acid can eat away at the tooth’s enamel, leading to sensitivity and cavities.

Another example is using cinnamon in your face masks. Cinnamon has been touted as having antibacterial effects, but it actually irritates your skin and causes burns instead. Especially on your face where the skin is more delicate and thin, cinnamon should not be used.

Your body is extremely important, and it may be wiser to invest in it appropriately. Home whitening kits from the drugstore show excellent results and are not extremely costly. FDA approved facial masks from skincare companies are plentiful, and many won’t break the bank. Make sure to think twice before accidentally harming your body!

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