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Yoga: Mild Exercise, Great Results

By Jenny Sun

Yoga has always been popular with those who wish to stay fit and flexible without lengthy, hard workouts. Originating in India, this style of stretching is an ancient and traditional way of fitness. The practice of yoga, as seen by philosophers of the era, is the unity of individual consciousness and the cosmic body.

One benefit from practicing yoga consistently is an increased lung capacity. People should not underestimate the unconscious action of breathing. Breathing exercises in yoga, known as Pranayama, is like controlling one’s life force, both literally and symbolically. These help people learn the right breathing skills and can improve a number of breathing problems, such as asthma, tracheal sensitivity and respiratory disease. An increased lung capacity can also mean greater potential in sports such as swimming, running, and more.

Your posture is very important for your external look, and internal health. Correct posture is especially important nowadays as many children to have carry heavy backpacks and are prone to contracting back damage. Yoga practice can help people practice standing upright, correct the wrong posture, and making their body more flexible. Additionally, yoga can contribute to bone development and let the children relax physically and mentally from busy learning.

Most importantly, make sure you choose a good yoga instructor. This choice can do much more than you think. People need to communicate constantly with their instructor for the best advice and results. A yoga curriculum needs to be tuned specifically to each person’s needs, and inappropriate yoga practice like attempting full splits without practice will bring harm to those who do not know better. A professional yoga instructor is the solution to all these problems. Second, don’t over practice yoga. Interest is the best way to get into an activity, and you should always consider whether you like yoga. Practicing yoga without your mind behind it does not yield the same results mentally.

With many benefits such as increased lung capacity, correct posture, and no intense workout required, it is no wonder that yoga is one of the most popular exercise routines in the world.

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