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Taking a Year Off

By Michael Yang

For the majority of American students, 4 years of cramming and stress at high school are immediately followed by similar experiences at college. However, lately, many high school seniors have been following their graduation with a year off, otherwise known as a gap year. The practice is not only good for relieving stress among students, it is actively encouraged by many colleges.

Taking a gap year is great in allowing students to rest, as well as formulate their plans for the rest of their lives. For many students, the constant pressure of school makes it difficult to divert time towards properly considering potential majors, and eventual career options. A gap year, aside from the obvious benefit of providing relief to the stress of school, is great for allowing one to formulate his thoughts and plans, as well as consider and plan for the future.

Gap years are also encouraged by colleges; although the idea may not be considered by the vast majority of potential applicants, many colleges even have programs and fellowships for students who would like to take a year off. Thus, students have nothing to lose from taking a year off, as they are able to attend and gain the same experience, simply a year later. Many educators even push for students to take gap years, citing the increased maturity and experience that an extra year off provides.

The idea of taking a year off after high school is one that continues to be a growing trend that stands to help one plan and prepare for the future.

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