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Michael Yang

Growth Mindset

By Michael Yang It is a common saying that one can do anything that they set their minds to; the saying that “genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration,” is common in motivational speeches and posters. Despite this, however, it is often …

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Taking a Year Off

By Michael Yang For the majority of American students, 4 years of cramming and stress at high school are immediately followed by similar experiences at college. However, lately, many high school seniors have been following their graduation with a year off, otherwise …

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Internet Piracy

By Michael Yang Piracy is a crime that is treated akin to jaywalking, though punishable with fines up to thousands of dollars. Very few people consider it to be wrong, and its punishments are almost never a deterrent. Although some could make …

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The Case for Gun Control

By Michael Yang Gun control is a hotly contested issue, especially between the two major political parties. However, while the right to bear arms is often seen as fundamental due to the Second Amendment, many comment that regulating who can own weapons …

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Trump’s Tariffs

By Cindy Xinrui Zhang   Donald Trump has proposed to impose a 45% tariff on China and a 35% tariff on Mexico. This is not a beneficial strategy to improve United State’s economy. Instead, the high tariff will damage the domestic economy. …

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Trump’s Goals

By Cindy Xinrui Zhang Donald Trump and his team of economists are estimating a 3.5% or even higher GDP (gross domestic product) growth. During Trump’s campaign till his election as president, the goal post of GDP growth has been shifted several times. Currently, …

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The Case for Community College

By Michael Yang For many students, community college is frowned upon: “Going to De Anza” is often seen as a sign of failure or stupidity. Despite this common misperception, however, not only is community college much cheaper, it does not necessarily disqualify …

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