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DIY: Easy, Fun, and Creative

By: Lydia Li The beauty of gift-giving lies in the thought put into the gift. Everyone loves personalized gifts, so why not make them yourself? Here are 3 simple and easy Do-It-Yourself projects for you to try at home!  Peppermint Sugar Scrub …

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Pass the Tea!

It’s a typical Monday morning. You wake up, and instinctively, the first thing that you do is make yourself a steamy cup of coffee. Whether you like it black or with extra cream and sugar, 83% of Americans drink coffee on a …

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Tatiana Grossman

By Ashley Zhuang Tatiana Grossman is an outstanding student who I think has an interesting story and a giving personality. She is an inspiring pupil that loves and enjoys helping others. Tatiana was chosen as an ABC7 Top Scholar in 2013. This …

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