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Nearsightedness (Myopia)

By: Emily Zhang

Nearsighted is a common issue among students nowadays. Sometimes this is caused by one’s genes, while other cases are caused by using your eyes for too long- most commonly from reading or watching electronic devices.

Unfortunately, nearsightedness is not reversible and can only get worse. You can try to use your eyes conservatively to push the starting time back. When it starts, you can only try your best to slow down the process. 

It’s suggested that people visit their optometrist at least once a year to check the status of their eyesight. When nearsightedness sets in, use the right degree glasses based on optometrist’s prescription.

People have been seeking ways to correct or reverse nearsightedness. Though there isn’t much success in this field, there still are multiple ways to deal with nearsightedness on a daily basis.

Besides using normal glasses or lens, the Ortho-K lens is used by some people at night time. Information is mixed. Some recommended as a good way to control your vision, while others are against using it due to the potential hazards it presents. If you decide to use contact lenses, make sure to keep clean to avoid infection. Wash your hands before touching the lens and during the allergy season, do not rub your eyes. While it can significantly improve your vision on a day-to-day basis, Ortho-K is not a cure. Myopia will continue getting worse if you are not careful, especially if use your eyes extensively. Remember to let your eyes rest from time to time, and check your position and lightness around your surrounding.

Some students hope to correct their nearsightedness by eye surgery when they become adults. LASIK surgery has been used many years and the technique is well established. However, eye surgery is not recommended by all the doctors again. First, all surgery has risks and should be avoided whenever possible. Second, similar to Ortho-K, LASIK surgery only corrects the front part of the eye, but the inner part of the eye is still extended and out of shape, and if patients still use eye not carefully, their eyesight is still continuing getting worse after LASIK. 

In a word, take care of your eyes by yourselves, rest from time to time, and don’t read books, phones, or laptops extensively. This way, you can help to prevent yourself from getting nearsightedness for as long as possible.

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