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Genshin Impact, the Mobile Game

By: Elsa Yang “Embark on a journey across Teyvat to find your lost sibling and seek answers from The Seven — the gods of each element.”  Genshin Impact, a multiplayer open-world game, has gotten quite popular in the past few months, attracting …

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A Basic Guide to Thrifting

By: Elsa Yang Many people may struggle to find affordable clothes, furniture, and items they need that fit their style, and thrifting is the way to solve it. What is thrifting? Well, thrifting is just shopping at a thrift store. Thrifted items …

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Why Spirited Away is My Favorite Movie

By: Elsa Yang Growing up, one of my favorite activities to do was going to movie theatres. I have always loved staring at a big screen in the dark and watching a movie that catches my attention. There are countless movies that …

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Hot Pot

By: Elsa Yang As someone who visits China every Summer, I have tried a lot of traditional and modern Chinese food. But if you ask me which one I like the most, it would have to be Hot Pot.  When traveling to …

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My Favorite Crystals

By: Elsa Yang In the past, crystals were used as ancient forms of medicine, with different crystals used to uplift different energies. To simplify, it basically is a spiritual energy that can help you achieve a positive state of mind. Here are …

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Astrology and How to Find your Big Three

By: Elsa Yang Many people have a certain amount of knowledge on astrology, but there is a much deeper area surrounding it. Today’s topic is surrounding your sun sign, moon sign, and your ascendant, otherwise known as your rising. These 3 signs …

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Honey: Don’t Bee Sick!

By: Grace Ding Many people use honey as a home remedy for colds. It is also a traditional medicine for coughs, but does it really work? Scientists in Britain decided to test this therapy once and for all to find out whether …

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Wisdom Teeth

By: Michelle Hua Wisdom teeth are your third set of molars and are the last of your teeth to grow in. In the past, wisdom teeth were essential for humans. The tough foods we ate required this third set of teeth, and …

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Garlic and H. Pylori

By: Emily Zhang Among all the bacteria, Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) bacteria is the main one that infects the human stomach. They are the main reason for peptic ulcers, which cause sores in the stomach. The most common symptom of peptic ulcers …

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