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My Favorite Crystals

By: Elsa Yang

In the past, crystals were used as ancient forms of medicine, with different crystals used to uplift different energies. To simplify, it basically is a spiritual energy that can help you achieve a positive state of mind. Here are some of my favorite crystals and stones.

Walking into my local crystal store, the first one that catches my eye is always Rose Quartz. It’s a type of pink-colored quartz, also known as Hyaline quartz. Rose Quartz is the stone of love. It can be used to bring back peace and trust in friendships and is considered a healing stone. An example of using Rose Quartz is to put it around when you’re meditating or wearing a rose quartz necklace, keeping it close to your heart. Rose quartz was the first crystal I had ever gotten and I enjoy wearing it as a necklace. 

Another of my personal favorites is Tiger’s eye. It is a crystal with gold and brown to red colors with silky patterns. Tiger’s eye is a stone of protection and can also be used to bring good luck. It allows the owner to resolve problems and is useful for healing too. I adore this crystal because its colors are beautiful and it is very useful as well. A way to benefit from this crystal is to wear it when sleeping since it is said to have healing properties. 

Citrine is also one of my favorites, not only because of its beautiful color but also because of its benefits. Citrine is said to attract wealth and success, as well as joy, light, and self-confidence. The stone itself symbolizes joy and can absorb negativity and reduce anxiety. Wearing citrine daily can capture its power. 

There are many crystals in the world, but these are my personal favorites that have helped me. Feel free to research and find your favorite crystal.

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