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How Does Staying Up Late Affect You?

By: Michelle Hua

People nowadays are getting fewer and fewer hours of sleep because of work pressure. Teenagers, especially, are sacrificing their golden hours of sleep in return for the completion of their school work and other related activities. But is it really worth it to stay up late in order to get things done? We went ahead and researched some data and statistics to find out. 

Research shows that about ¼ of high schoolers fall asleep in class at least one time in a week; the average sleep time for high schoolers in the United States is around 6.8 hours, while the ideal sleep time is 8-10 hours for them. There are some severe consequences that happen when sleeping late. According to Bustle.com, sleeping late could result in having high blood sugar, poor eating habits, and even depression. 

One important fact is that research has shown students that stay up late studying are not retaining any information that they studied most of the time, meaning that studying late at night doesn’t help much at all. So, how can students get their work and studying done while still getting an adequate amount of sleep? One option is to sleep early and wake up early. A study has shown that people’s memory performs best in early morning, especially at doing declarative tasks. This could be very useful for students studying for an exam on the same day or the next day. Another option is to be more efficient at studying. Students can use their breaks for the use of academic purposes instead of purely relaxing. This would reduce the homework load which makes it easier for students to sleep early. 

However, if individuals really want to stay up all night and get their work done, a few following tips are recommended. This includes having a bright environment at night, taking a power nap, and doing meditation. A study has shown that a bright environment could promote individuals to stay awake and be alert. A power nap or a short meditation in the afternoon would also boost individuals’ energy. Ultimately, sleeping an adequate amount of hours is best, because it brings bodies to their natural state. 

Source: https://www.bustle.com/p/7-ways-staying-up-late-could-be-harmful-to-your-health-5482908

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