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Why Sit Ups Won’t Get You Abs

By Bianca Zhou PE teachers and exercise gurus often tell you to do countless sit ups to get those “abs of steel.” Sure, sit ups are categorized as a strength training exercise, but doing sit ups alone won’t get you the abs …

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How to Optimize Your Time When Studying

By Bianca Zhou Many students find it hard to stay focused and productive while studying, but try these tricks next time you grab your textbooks, and with any luck, you’ll be whizzing past the chapters like nobody’s business!   Study in 15 …

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Writing Contest 2016 Winners Announced!

Thank you to all our contestants for entering Rising Star Magazine’s Annual Writing Contest for 2016! We really appreciate all of your entries. The winners for this year’s contest are: 1st Place: Shannon Yan 2nd Place: Xu Qiu Yang and Korina Lu 3rd …

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I Am Hobbit Assassin Miner

By Jerome Wu I’m standing with a group of hobbits, dwarves, centaurs, and a haunt in a semicircle around a hobbit prince, deep in a dungeon far from home. A few dark heros and skeletons canter into the dungeon. I ready my …

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The Perks of Having a Hobby

By Jocelyn Li Teenagers are constantly being pestered by their parents to find a hobby or a sport that provides adequate amounts of exercise. Ever since first grade, my parents pushed me to find a sport that I would be willing to …

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