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Why Sit Ups Won’t Get You Abs

By Bianca Zhou

PE teachers and exercise gurus often tell you to do countless sit ups to get those “abs of steel.”

Sure, sit ups are categorized as a strength training exercise, but doing sit ups alone won’t get you the abs you want, unless you have no belly fat.


To put it simply, fat lies on top of muscle, so if you keep doing sit ups, you’ll have nice defined muscles, but no one will be able to see them if you’re not working to burn the fat that lies on top of the muscle. Not to mention, sit ups alone only work the top abs, which for most people aren’t as big of a problem. Fat tends to collect on the lower portion of the stomach.


So how can you get washboard abs, you ask? Make sure to implement cardio into your day. This includes anything that increases and maintains your heart rate for long intervals of time, like cycling, running, dancing, jumping jacks, etc. Also, try to switch up which muscles you’re working out. Sit ups will work your upper abs, leg lifts will work your lower abs, side twists will work your transverse abdominals, and candlestick dippers will work your obliques.
If you’ve been doing sit ups for a really long time and haven’t been seeing results, then this is why!

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