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A Basic Guide to Thrifting

By: Elsa Yang

Many people may struggle to find affordable clothes, furniture, and items they need that fit their style, and thrifting is the way to solve it. What is thrifting? Well, thrifting is just shopping at a thrift store. Thrifted items are usually previously owned but are in good shape to be repurchased. Thrifting items may include clothes, furniture, books, and many more items. As customers are shopping around the store, trying on what they like, and finally buying the item for a cheap and affordable price encapsulates the beauty of thrifting.

Now, many may ask: How do I find good deals at thrifting stores? It is said that when thrifting, the best time to go is in the morning when the thrift store has just opened. In the morning, you should head to the sections with furniture, bags, and shoes first because they will be organized. Going on weekdays is better than weekends because fewer people will be there and more items will be available. Shopping off-season clothes can be great because the items will be much cheaper, for example in winter, summertime items will be cheaper and vice versa. 

 A great tip is that whenever you’re looking for cool and stylish graphic t-shirts and oversized t-shirts, look in the men’s section. It includes a plethora of different shirts. There are a large number of jeans in thrift stores and can be found at very affordable price points. Vases are also a great thing to look out for when thrifting. They come in different sizes and shapes and they’re very affordable. 

Another tip is that when thrifting, take your time and look through section by section, this will make things much easier. When looking, look through each individual item, you’ll never know what hidden treasures you may find. 

Before going thrifting, a tip is to look for pictures of items you’d like to find. Apps for inspiration include, but not limited to, Pinterest, Tiktok, Tumblr and Instagram. When looking for a specific item, it is better than searching without a target item. When thrifting, don’t always look for the clothes that look stylish and good, instead look for things that don’t look that stylish and figure out how to style it will improve your thrifting experience. 

Thrifting can be a great experience, but knowing HOW to thrift will make thrifting much easier and cheaper.

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