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10 Minute Workout

Running     With so much stress in our everyday lives, it’s important to take time for ourselves every once in a while and make sure that our bodies are in prime condition. Although we might not be able to set aside a couple of hours to maintain our health, ten minutes is usually sufficient to make sure that we get the exercise we need.

The following is my personal favorite 10 minute workout routine which helps me exercise both my abdominal muscles and leg muscles, as well as my arms.

Minute 0-1: Fast Stretch
It’s always good to loosen up your body before you start working out to ensure that you don’t get hurt.

Minute 1-3: Crunches

Get ready to move, because for these two minutes, you’ll be rapidly performing crunches. Cross your arms over your chest and repeatedly lift your back off the ground using your core muscles only. Try and do at least 80 in these two minutes.

Minute 3-4: Squats

We’re going to give our core a break and work on our legs instead now. This exercise will strengthen most of your leg muscles and help burn extra fat. Aim to perform at least 30 squats.

Minute 4-7: Push-ups

So far, we haven’t worked on our arms yet. Let’s put some effort into working out our arms and do push-ups for three minutes. I usually try to do three sets of twenty five push-ups.

Minute 7-10: Light Jog

For the last three minutes, we will loosen our bodies by jogging slowly. This also acts somewhat like a stretch and will help prevent soreness the next day.

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