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Wireless Wipes

By Selena Guo

ABC News reported that the average person touches their cellphone upwards of 150 times each day. A study conducted by researchers at Ondokuz Mayis University in Turkey found that nearly 95% of phones screened were contaminated with some kind of bacteria, and even worse, some of the bacteria found were known “superbugs,” which are resistant to one or more commonly used antibiotics. Acne causing bacteria can easily transfer from your hands to your face just by making a phone call. The bacteria, dead skin cells, dirt, and oil that live on cell phones can easily clog pores and make any face break out. ABC News suggests that the only way to get rid of the germs that you come into contact with through using your cell phone is to wipe your phone with a sanitizing wipe every night.  

Wireless Wipes, wipes made specifically for electronics, are my choice when cleaning my phone screen.

  •       They contain germ-fighting alcohol and are made from materials specifically designed to wipe away any dirt, fingerprints, and oil smudges.
  •       Wireless Wipes are ideal for use at the office, in the home, or at school, so your devices can stay clean no matter where you are.
  •       They are designed specifically for cleaning glasses and electronics without the danger of static discharge, so all of your devices can stay clean and your skin can be clear and healthy.

Not only that, they are extremely affordable. On their website, you can place an order for 12 wipes for $2.00. They also come in three different scents: green tea cucumber, rosemary peppermint, and pomegranate citrus. Here’s the link if you want to begin your journey to a clean and hygienic lifestyle: https://wirelesswipes.com/?variant=21603313927#https://wirelesswipes.com/?variant=21603313927

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