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By: Jessica Lee

It is common for one to strive to be unique, but what really makes us all different? We’re not defined by our accomplishments at school, but instead by our own personal nuances.

According to “Intricacies of our Pattern”, 99 percent of human bodies are alike. However, it is that mere one percent that makes us all completely different in one way or another. Even if a two people may seem very similar, no two human beings are complete clones. One of the main factors that makes us individuals are our voices. The sounds that come from our voices depend on aspects we can’t control, like our vocal chords. For example, I personally enjoy singing, and if I were to sing a song, nobody else would be able to produce the same sound, because our voices are completely unique on their own.

Another condition that sets us apart is the way we see things. Take two artists for instance: they may be able to produce a similar end product, but the message behind the art could be completely different. On the other hand, if I were to study this piece of art, what I see in it may be something distinctly astray from what the artist had in mind. This leads me to another point: what we see in things is influenced by our past experiences and values. Most of what we think and see in things are defined what we have experienced in our own lives. These ideas and values influence our minds, which makes us all unique in our own way of thinking and processing.

All in all, even if we may not always feel like we’re special in school, each of us are unique because of the one percent difference that makes us individuals.

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