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Wearable Technology: How Apple Aims to Popularize It


By: Eric Guo

Apple aims to popularize wearable devices with its newest piece of technology, the Apple Watch. This isn’t the first time that Apple has aimed to popularize some type of existing technology. Apple has already popularized existing technology four times with its Macintosh computer in 1984, the iPod in 2001, the iPhone in 2007, and the iPad in 2010. As of now, the smartwatches that are currently on the market haven’t become mainstream products. With the Apple Watch set to be released on April 24th, it seems that Apple will once again try to popularize existing technology.

Though the Apple Watch is a new product for Apple, the idea of a smartwatch already exists on the market. Its design is much like that of other smartwatches from Samsung, Google, and others. However, the functionality is what makes it unique. It runs on its own software platform and is designed to display many of the apps that are popular nowadays. By connecting to your iPhone, the Apple Watch is able to perform a plurality of functions. Besides the most basic function of telling time, the Apple Watch can also provide alerts for messages and calls, respond to voice commands, measure the user’s heart rate, play music, and even make payments for the user through Apple Pay.

With prices ranging from $350 to $17,000 for an 18-karat gold model, the Apple Watch is expected to make a great deal of money for Apple. However, the possibility that the Apple Watch will not match the success of previous products is there. A fully charged battery can only last 18 hours, meaning that you will have to charge it overnight. The Apple Watch also needs an iPhone to function, which detracts from its functionality.

As of now, it is hard to say how the Apple Watch will affect wearable technology. Enthusiasts are optimistic about the future, but only time will tell if the Apple Watch will start a new trend of wearable technology.


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