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How to Manage Time

By: Eric Guo It is likely that at one point in your life, you have found yourself laboring over your work at some time past midnight. At this point, you may ask yourself, “Why can’t I manage my time effectively so I …

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The Dawn of Genetically Engineered Humans

By: Eric Guo In a world’s first, Chinese researchers at the Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou were able to use gene editing to modify human embryos. The 16-person team of researchers sought to alter the gene that causes the fatal blood disorder …

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Circulating Tumor Cells

By: Jian Xu A typical cancerous tumor contains millions or even billions of cells harboring genetic mutations driving them to grow, divide, and invade the local tissue in which they’re embedded. However, as the cells proliferate, they don’t all stay in the …

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The Salzburg Festival

By Henry Guo When someone mentions Salzburg, most people will think of the famous movie, The Sound of Music, which was shot in Salzburg. To classical music fans, they will think about genius composer Amadeus Mozart and maestro conductor Herbert Von Karajan, …

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The Lucerne Festival

by Henry Guo Lucerne is a famous city in Switzerland. It is a city surrounded by beautiful lakes, snow covered mountains and historic buildings. The Lucerne Festival is a series of classical music festivals which were founded in 1938. It includes the …

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Military of the United States

Military of the United States By: Ethan Hu As citizens of the United States of America, we often overlook many services which this country provides us. We often overlook the price that others are willing to pay to protect you and me …

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