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Trump’s Goals

By Cindy Xinrui Zhang

Donald Trump and his team of economists are estimating a 3.5% or even higher GDP (gross domestic product) growth. During Trump’s campaign till his election as president, the goal post of GDP growth has been shifted several times. Currently, he believes there will be a 3% – 6% economic expansion.

It is good to have a goal and to see Trump wanting to improve America’s economy. However, it is unrealistic to have such a significant growth of GDP in the United States due to the state America is in right now. Since the United States is already a very well developed country, the bar has been set high for too much of a tremendous growth. Additionally, because net export is also included in the calculation of GDP, Trump’s policy of adding high tariff on China and Mexico will cause the two big trading countries to not want to import or export anything from America. This will cause the export of United States to decrease which will further decrease United State’s GDP.

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