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Think Before You Flush!

By Selena Guo

The next time you flush, you might want to stand out of the way. That’s because flushing your toilet propels a plume of microscopic water droplets into the air. Research has even shown that this plume can reach your sink and toothbrush. Yuck. Consider the amount of bacteria in that toilet water. Fecal bacteria such as the disease-causing E. coli and the influenza virus, to name a few can be spread through flushing. Double yuck!

So the next time you flush, consider leaving the toilet cover down. This will minimize the spray of toilet water and bacteria and prevent it from getting on you and surrounding surfaces. Also consider moving your toothbrushes and other hygienic materials at least 20 feet away from your toilet. Most importantly, always wash your hands after using the bathroom!

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