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The Safest School in America

By Julie Broch

Southwestern High School, located in Indiana, is the safest school in America. They have spent over 400,000 dollars on the installation of several security measures that greatly contribute to the safe environment present at Southwestern High. The classroom doors are bullet resistant, and there are security cameras in every part of the school. During a drill, students get behind a red line in their classroom, the boundary at which the intruder can no longer see the class through the door window. Every teacher wears a panic button that they can activate to contact the sheriff’s department. And, in the room, the teacher can also flip the help switch on a red box directly linked to the sheriff’s department. Additionally, the sheriff’s department can watch the intruder through the cameras and activate a defense measure called hot zones. Hot zones are smoke cannons in the ceiling that can be deployed by the policemen monitoring the cameras to disorient and blind the intruder. Since the police can see the intruder real-time, they can continue to deploy the hot zones wherever the intruder goes. Even though these security measures cost the school a lot of money, they say that it is worth keeping their students safe.


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