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The Importance of GPA

By Michael Yang

Oftentimes, students will forgo difficult classes, and instead opt for less challenging classes, simply to maintain a high GPA. To many, it is more important to earn an A in an easy class than it is to learn something potentially useful, as is more likely to occur within a more difficult class. However, I feel that the experience gained from a difficult class is more important than maintaining a perfect GPA. Though a high GPA may get students into more competitive colleges, students who take these easier classes will find college more difficult; they have not learned the study habits, nor the material, required in these schools. Thus, it is important to learn what is necessary for college within high school, and that means taking a challenging class, even if it does mean risking a B. Though not as impressive as a 4.0, colleges do take into account weighted GPA, as well as the classes taken, meaning one should strive to take classes that are both interesting and challenging, rather than classes taken simply for a GPA boost, without real intent. Students should strive to learn, and in the process, get good grades, rather than put a 4.0 above their desire to take challenging courses. Though getting good grades is important, it should not be placed above taking classes that one is interested in.

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