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Tailbone Pain

By: Emily Zhang

Nowadays, companies have begun to produce height adjustable computer desks, often extremely expensive. A high-end desk can cost up to $500, and even a simple manual desk still costs up to 200$. Some computer users who want a similar desk will just build a small desk that can be stuck on top of a larger desk.

Why is it necessary to have a tall desk to allow people to stand up when using a computer? Because some people have pain related to sitting for a long time before computers, such as tailbone pain.

The tailbone is the bone at the end of the spine. We no longer have tails, but the tailbone is still there. Some people might be more sensitive to the pain because their tailbone is longer than average. Many of the people have tailbone pain because of previous injuries that hurt the tailbone. However, sitting for a very long time on a hard chair or narrow bench can also lead to tailbone pain: coccydynia, or coccygodynia.

Since prolonged sitting can cause tailbone pain, the only way to avoid it is to stand up and walk around from time to time. If you do experience pain, you can take pain relief medicine or apply a hot/cold pad for the area to reduce the pain. Using a special sitting cushion is also helpful. It’s often recommended by doctors and physical therapists. You can also massage the area. Some gentle movements can also help.

Beneficial Exercises:

  • Stretch forward, hold the position for 2 seconds, then return to your starting position
  • Stretch upward, hold 5 seconds, back to starting position

Repeat the whole set 2-3 times per hour.

Even though it’s a relief for people have back pain or tailbone pain, you shouldn’t stand still for a very long time. Otherwise, you might develop ankle pain or knee pain, instead of the tailbone pain you were so worried to develop. One important rule is that it’s best to alternate between sitting, standing, and walking. 



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