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DIY: Easy, Fun, and Creative

By: Lydia Li The beauty of gift-giving lies in the thought put into the gift. Everyone loves personalized gifts, so why not make them yourself? Here are 3 simple and easy Do-It-Yourself projects for you to try at home!  Peppermint Sugar Scrub …

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How to Relieve Stress

By: Dominique Huang Stress. Everyone has felt it at one point or another; it seems as if no one can escape from stress. We will always have deadlines to complete, work to finish, issues to deal with. There are, however, steps we …

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Going Beyond the Textbook

By Albert Zeng Traditionally, teachers teach their class through a textbook, but one teacher from Monta Vista High School in California goes beyond that. Business teacher Carl Schmidt from Monta Vista High School shares how he teaches by allowing his students to …

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Benefits of the SAT and the AP

As a student, you may have heard of the numerous rumors behind why you should or should not take AP courses or the SAT. Perhaps you are considering AP courses or the SAT just because everyone else is as well. Perhaps the …

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DECA: The experience of a lifetime

DECA is a student organization of over 200,000 members internationally and over 4,500 members here in California. It prepares its members for careers in business fields and integrates classroom instruction to the real world in order to prepare the next generation to …

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Stanford University Student: Ray Zhou

Ray Zhou graduated valedictorian of his 2012 class at Amador Valley High School and is currently a sophomore at Stanford University. In the season of college applications and acceptances, Ray gives some advice for high school students. 1.  What do you think …

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Mr. Matt Finders: Advice to Future Musicians

Matt Finders is a trombonist and former member of Jay Leno Band on Tonight Show. He performed in several big bands and major musical productions on Broadway. I decided to interview Mr. Finders as a successful musician to understand more about music …

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