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Benefits of the SAT and the AP


As a student, you may have heard of the numerous rumors behind why you should or should not take AP courses or the SAT. Perhaps you are considering AP courses or the SAT just because everyone else is as well. Perhaps the AP courses and the SAT are merely tests in life, one that will enable you to go forward and reach new limits in your academic career.  However, in reality, AP’s are much more than what you may think of it as, and the SAT is far more than just a standardized test. Below you will find information regarding why exactly you should take the AP or the SAT, and how it will benefit you directly.


The AP Program recognizes high school students who have demonstrated exemplary performance in college-level courses. The AP can help an individual get ahead in college by allowing an individual to learn material in advance. Furthermore, the AP also challenges students with higher level substance in order to set them up for college success. By choosing AP courses, you may be able to receive a better understanding of where your interests lie. The AP courses will enable you to find a direction in life, and act as opportunities to explore your interests. As an added bonus, for students that have demonstrated magnificent performance in multiple AP level courses, it is possible to become eligible for the AP Scholar Awards. Each award winning student receives an official certificate for recognition which is widely acknowledged. AP courses, though they may seem excessive, boring, or tiring, act as an outstanding opportunity to explore your interests and receive recognition for your current performance.
As one of the nation’s most widely used standardized college admission test, the SAT acts as one of the essential steps in the pursuit for higher level education. By taking this test, you will be able to assess your reading, writing, and math skills that you have learned in school. This test enables both the test taker as well as colleges to obtain a better understanding on how he or she can apply skills in studying and in the future. Aside from the usual SAT college admission test, SAT Subject Tests allow a student to showcase and be acknowledged for their achievements, interests, and academic performance. The SAT Subject Tests are an opportunity to display your own unique talents or achievements which can greatly differentiate yourself from other college applicants. If you are interested in particular areas of study, the SAT Subject Tests allows you to highlight your strength, show how you are uniquely qualified, and assess how your achievements and interests fare.

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