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SoCal Air Pollution

Submitted by: Eileen Guo

More than 1,300 lives are cut short each year in the Los Angeles area because of air pollution. Now, after years of work, regulators are getting ready to adopt their most substantial plan in more than a decade to do something about it.

Industries, including refineries, ports and warehouses, under the agency’s regulatory power have realized that they must adopt cleaner technologies. The draft blueprint would adopt some tougher emissions rules; roughly $15 billion in handouts over the next 15 years to encourage polluters to clean up.

Hundreds of people showed up at this recent meeting to talk about the air pollution. Testimony included stories of the personal toll that asthma is taking on young Californians. Not only do big industries have to conserve their machinery usage, but each and every one of us can help: turn off lights, computers, and electric appliances when they are not being used, use energy efficient light bulbs, avoid smoking, minimize litter, and make sure home appliances such as stoves are well ventilated.


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