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Media Consumption

By: Sofia Rodriguez

Every day, we passively consume so much media. Think of all of the instagram posts, snapchat stories, banner notifications on your phone. Then there’s the ads on your laptop, the youtube videos you mindlessly watch, posters posted in the walls of school. Thousands of pieces of information going in and out of our minds each day.

I’m in a class at Los Altos High called New Media Lit, where we focus on creating our own media, and make it something that can’t be consumed passively. I’ve learned how to film with a camera, conduct productive interviews, and edit videos to be concise and powerful. Am I good at it? Debatable. But I think we all need to be more conscious of what we are reading and learning from on the internet, especially in trying and stressful times like these. And now is the time to be creating, with so much time on our hands.For me, creating so far has consisted of a lot of baking, filming, editing, sewing, and making collages! For other people it may be playing music, writing, painting, playing sports, anything. Nobody else needs to know that you are doing these things, just do them for yourself. Take this time to create a better you. A better work environment at home, a person who can run faster, paint more, learn more vocabulary by reading. Anything! Even if it may not seem like you are “creating” by doing these things, you can be learning and thinking about what it is you do want to create.

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