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How to “Relieve Stress”

By: Derek Dong

Everyone has experienced stress and has ways of coping. But usually, the majority of these strategies would be considered “stress-relievers” instead of “stress avoiders”. In fact, very rarely is there any advice to completely avoid stress, as the majority only teaches how to mitigate, not remove.

But to cut to the chase, the only real way to completely remove stress from your life would be to simply stop caring.

Now, that doesn’t mean to shirk from your responsibilities, or actively avoid living a productive lifestyle. Rather, it means to continue living life to the fullest, to the best capabilities, and taking responsibility for your own choices. But most importantly, nothing more, nothing less.

This is the most critical part, as it is important to always remember that if you really did try to the best of your abilities, there is no reason to worry or stress. You did the best you could, that means that even if you did stress, it would not change the outcome.

Therefore, it is important to attack everyday with a positive attitude, and to do your best. But once your responsibilities end, stop caring.

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