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How to Choose the Best Prom Dress?

By Jenny Wang

In the United States, Prom is always viewed as one of the most important events for students to attend in their high school experience. Prom is often highlighted in films and TV series, becoming a very big deal in American high school. Schools plan for prom many months ahead and choose a theme and location for students to enjoy. It marked a very precious memory to be with your friends at school and will last in student’s memories forever. For girls, it is especially important to dress up nicely and choose the best prom dress to be view as a little princess in the prom. Here are some tips for choosing the best Prom dress:

  1. Plan at least 1 month early to find a dress that best suits for you

If you want to find a nice dress, the first thing you have to do is to give yourself time and space many days before prom. There is a high possibility that there will be a problem along with the time the dress arrived. You might have a problem with the size, color, length and also shipping. If you plan to buy your dress online, you have to give yourself sufficient time to try and maybe schedule an exchange. Always give yourself time to prepare ahead, so that you will not totally mess up two days before prom.

  1. Get some inspiration

Go on your school website, yearbook or social media to check on what the other usually wear for prom and how they dress up. It is important for you that have a basic idea of what kind of dress you would like to wear. There are different styles of dress that you may have to consider, for example, a short dress or a long dress. You can also choose between designs like spaghetti strap, strapless, one shoulder or V-neck. You can also check on different shopping websites to see what kind of dress you best prefer to wear.

  1. Find a color that matches with you

Choose several colors you like and match with your skin colors, then find a dress that has these colors. Black is the most common color that girls will normally wear in prom, it is also a color you should consider, Most people dress nice in black, and it is easy to match with your other accessories. But if you want to be really stand out in prom, choose a color that is bright and unique. Unique colors can distinguish you out with the others, and attract more eyes on you, but it contains a high risk that might not be suited for you. Try on different color of clothes before you shop for prom.

  1. Look for fabrics

Materials of the dress also play a big role while choosing a dress. You can choose your dress between all these materials: satin, tulle, silk, chiffon, organza, lace and velvet. An advice will be lace do not always look good for a prom at night time, because it is hard to see the pattern for photo shooting. The material you choose has to match with your body shape and show your strengths.

  1. Matching the Dress to Your Body and Face Shape

Identify your body and face shape to choose a dress that can present your strengths, and cover your weaknesses. For example, “If you have a round face, you should look for a prom dress that elongates your face to make her look more oval. V-necks, Queen Anne and Empire necklines, sweetheart and scoop necks suit best your oval face. Always avoid high neck dresses and supersized necklaces, as they tend to hide the neck and therefore make your face look even more round.” You should always look for a dress that can elevate your body shape and face contour.

  1. Plan your budget and shop for a dress

Last but not least, the most important step, plan your budget and shop for your dress. Ask your parents for a budget and go shopping for your dress. It is very important that you look for a dress that is inside your budget, and not buying a dress that is too much above the price you expect. Don’t make your prom too expensive, because it does not suppose to be a luxurious event for high schoolers. Go to different shops to try on the dress and styles in order to find the one that best suit for you. Also shop for some accessories to match with your dress, and be the best you at the prom!


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