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How to Become Famous on Social Media

Becoming famous is hard, but in the past, I have been successful with this topic. These are a few tips I recommend and tell you, when you want to become famous on social media sites like Tiktok and Instagram.

The first thing I did was create an account, on any social media I chose TikTok. The reason why I chose TikTok was because it was very popular and many people watched it. It was also because you can only make up to about 15 seconds in a video so you don’t have to worry about the length. I made a catchy username that suited my account. That was basically it, I started posting videos.

When you post videos, you should find a topic and stick to the topic. This will make your followers watch your videos more often because they like the topic as well. When you post a video, make sure you put hashtags so people can find the video. The video can’t be too short because people will scroll away once they think they’re not interested in it. When you post one video, people aren’t going to like your videos and follow you immediately because you just started. If you post more videos, then more and more people will find you and follow you. Don’t have high expectations for all of your videos to get the same amount of high numbered likes. Some will, some will not.

My personal experience is that I made a TikTok account a while ago, and I posted a few videos until one got 190k likes. It was because I posted videos around the same topic, put a lot of hashtags, and kept posting videos. Now I have a few thousand followers on that account and I keep posting daily, or weekly. 

Getting famous and liked can be hard sometimes, but it takes time. Posting more videos may help you a lot on your journey. Do not ever give up and keep trying. 

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