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Tea Time!

By Jiemin Sun

Tea is a traditional drink for many Asian countries, but now in America, it has become a popular beverage for many. It can even be said to rival coffee in taste and also as a relaxing drink that helps keep people awake. There are many different kinds of tea, coming from the many different cultures that used them. Do you know when to drink what?

Throughout the year, the climate and weather has a large effect on our bodies, and to match different temperatures, the types of tea we drink should also be changed. The effectiveness of tea and seasonal changes are closely related, and may be used to our benefit. By drinking specific types of tea during different seasons, we may become both healthier physically and mentally.

During the spring, our bodies, which are used to the cold weather of winter, become overwhelmed by the sudden temperature change. Many people are generally drowsy and fatigued. Drinking tea can help alleviate the impact of such seasonal changes. On such example is camellia tea, which is helpful to the discharge of harmful substances accumulated in the body. Studies by British Journal of Nutrition shows that camellia tea may boost your immune and circulatory systems.

Summer is hot, and in Chinese culture, is represented by sun and fire. During this period, sweat, lack of energy, or physical fatigue from the heat may bring you to brew yourself some green tea. Because green tea is not fermented, it contains antioxidants which lowers the risk of cancer while cooling the internal heat of your body. Green tea may also quench thirst, and its contents accelerate the healing effect in your body.

During the autumn, flowers and trees wilt in the dry, cool climate. This season calls for Oolong tea. Oolong tea, a semi-fermented tea, is categorized between green tea and black tea. It is green and brown in color. It has both the green tea fragrance and the scent of natural flowers. It helps your body retain moisture, especially the throat, and removes body heat, so that the body can adapt to the natural seasonal change.

Winter is defined by the word “cold”, and in nature, many things go dormant for a while. In Chinese medicine, there is a saying that “when the winter comes, the body’s physiological activities is in a state of inhibition”. Black tea is rich in protein and sugar, which heats up your system. This not only enhances the body’s ability to work in the cold, but also helps digestion, especially after eating greasy things.

All in all, year around you can choose right type of tea. Whether it’s health benefits, or just looking for a relaxing drink, tea can be the choice for you. What type of coffee does all this?

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