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Doing What You Love

By Michael Yang

As a high school student, one often feels pressured into things that he or she does not want to do, most notably studying. And although it is important to set aside time for tasks one does not want to do, it is equally important to set aside time to do what you enjoy doing.

Though activities such as going to the movies won’t do anything to better your future, it’s still important to dedicate time to activities such as these. Having fun lowers one’s stress, which indirectly leads to better performance in areas that do matter, such as academics. Doing things that you may enjoy is also good for you and lowered stress levels means that health issues such as high blood pressure will be less likely to occur.

Although spending all of one’s time messing around is definitely not beneficial, neither is spending all of one’s youth doing tasks that you dislike or feel are useless. It is important to maintain a healthy balance between recreation and work—and that is why doing something you love is important.

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