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A Different Style of Entertainment

A Different Style of Entertainment

By: Jocelyn Li

In the 21st century, entertainment has become one of the most diverse and interconnectable factors in the world. From music to the movies, the entire world opens their eyes to different styles of entertainment. Yet one category is only appreciated by a small number of people—musical theater.
Due to their rather unique style of storytelling, musicals are the somewhat untouched portion of entertainment. These sung out stories may seem childish, but many actually tell tales that are mature and much darker than a simple fairy tale. In fact, different musicals incorporate different styles of music, providing a large variety of tastes. From the operatic “Phantom of the Opera” to the rap based “Hamilton”, musical theater offers up a large palette and everyone is bound to find the perfect piece for themselves.
Music is not the only factor to be considered when appreciating a musical. The entire experience is improved if you come to enjoy the set and the costume design. A lot of effort is put into the making of the stage with the constantly shifting settings and backdrops. Additionally, costume designers handcraft the extremely detailed and intricate outfits that the actors wear, a sign of the time and effort spent in order to bring out the best for the viewers.
The next time you’re craving some fun on a lazy weekend and a typical movie just doesn’t seem ideal, bring friends and family to enjoy an exciting musical at your nearest theater. Take the time to not only admire the quality of the music and performance, but the entire production as a whole.

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