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Dealing with Natural Disasters

Submitted by: Iris Yuan

Given the number of hurricanes and floods we have had, it’s no surprise that people are starting to get anxious. To ease that anxiety, compiled below is a list of tips from experts to help you deal with a natural disaster.


  • Preparation is Key


The immediate prep work we think about is preparing any gear we might need, whether it be protective clothes, non perishable/no cook food, first aid kits, water purifiers, among others. Aside from prepping the basic supplies, there are also some survival skills that should be learned. For example, you should learn to cook without household items because let’s face it, you won’t have access to your luxury stovetop during a natural disaster and evacuation. It’s also important to do some research beforehand about the disasters that could happen in your area and know how to act in each situation. Come up with a plan to follow for each scenario.


  • Stay Calm


Stay calm. Panic is usually what causes us to make rash decisions in otherwise not so bad situations. Keeping calm allows you to think things through and make better choices for your well being, something I’d say is pretty important during a natural disaster. Stay calm.

Did I repeat it enough? Stay calm.


  • Post Disaster


If you are in a situation where you need to move or get out – get out. Putting a white sheet on your roof signals air rescue that you need help. As for places to go after, experts recommend camping out at an airport nearby, whether for a flight out or just for some food and shelter. Hospitals also tend to be nearby. Try to go where you’d expect there to be people.

A few words of caution: watch out for power lines on the ground! After any natural disaster it is entirely possible and probably likely that they will be laying all over the ground and across roads. Similarly, there will be gas leaks, fallen trees, and dirt and random debris everywhere. Pay attention to where you go. Also, be sure to stay as sanitary as you can. Even a quick wash of hands can prevent a dangerous infection.

And with that quick list of master advice, hopefully you feel less anxious and more prepared for the very low chance of any natural disaster coming your way!

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