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Blue Galaxy: Aiding the Effort in Stopping the Spread of COVID-19

By: Zeru (Peter) Li

During COVID-19, together with a few friends and an adult mentor, I founded a small business that designs and manufactures protective coveralls and face shields. We were hoping that through means trusted by science, such as protective coveralls that block the transmission of pathogens, we could contribute our part in stopping the pandemic.

First of all, a brief introduction to our business. The leadership team is formed by a group of high school students mainly in the Bay Area. We are all new to creating a business, and have dealt with quite a bit of trouble throughout the early stage. Luckily, with help from professionals and peers, we were able to persevere and move on to the research phase of our business. 

Science is essentially what directs this business forward. To put our ideas into action, we first researched protective coverall standards around the world for several weeks. Particularly, the European Union standards, China’s Guobiao, and the CDC recommended requirements for protective coveralls were thoroughly looked. We wanted to make sure that our coveralls are effective at preventing transmission. At times, research seemed confusing. But once we get used to how standards work, execution became much easier. 

Coming up with the right specifications, then consulting our principal designer Rebecca Wu, we came up with several designs of the protective coveralls. Then, we contacted firms in China that are experienced in manufacturing protective coveralls and sent them our designs and material requirements. 

We have three types of protective coveralls as shown below in these pictures. The first type of coverall is called waist zipper. Like its name, the waist zipper protective coverall has a zipper at its waist that makes it easier for those that prefer to wear it from the waist and the front. The second type that we designed and manufactured is called side zipper. It goes from the left hand to the left shoulder. Essentially, wearers of this type enter the protective coverall from the side. This would make it easier for people working at places with little to no space. Lastly, we have the front zipper, which has a zipper in front and under. It is pretty self-explanatory.  

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