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Transplanting Pig Kidney to the Human Body

By: Zeru (Peter) Li Recently, scientists at NYU Langone Health conducted a mind-blowing experiment: transplanting a pig’s kidney to the human body. The surgery was proven to be a success, and a brand new chapter in researching cross-species transplants begins. This could …

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The Metaverse

By Zeru (Peter) Li Last year, in late October, at a special event, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would change its name to Meta, a dedication to the company’s mission forward as a virtual reality provider. The iconic “F” logo was also …

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Embracing Sustainability: Big Tech Edition

By: Zeru (Peter) Li As climate change continues to influence our lives, major tech companies, including Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, etc., are standing up to promote change and advocate for a sustainable future. There are many approaches to this problem, and some …

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Exploring the Possibilities of 6G

By: Zeru (Peter) Li While the technology of 5G is rapidly expanding both across the nation and internationally, the world’s top scientists have already started brainstorming for the possibilities of 6G. You might think that it is a little bit too early …

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Inflation Skyrocketed! Why the Fed was to be Blamed.

By Owen Ouyang By the emergence and expansion of modern economic interventionism, as the gold standard outlawed and fiat money prevailed, the lack of stable currency and overwhelming state seigniorage have caused inflation and unstable prices to be rampant worldwide. By recent …

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VR Headsets Post COVID

By: Zeru (Peter) Li The COVID-19 Pandemic has made VR headsets, or virtual reality headsets, more prevalent in average households than ever. Many people, including myself, have looked into the VR market for something fun as soon as shelter-in-place hit. Today, we …

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New Brokerage Platforms?

By: Zeru (Peter) Li Stocks have always been a major opinionated topic people discussed, even as early as the beginning of the 20th century. Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor published in 1949 delivers the idea that one should carefully assess the long-term …

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