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EVs in 2021

By: Zeru (Peter) Li Electric vehicles are more prevalent now than ever, with Tesla successfully pushing the launch of its newest Model Y and Cyber Trucks. However, there are many more options now than simply Tesla in the EV market. Today, we …

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The Importance of Protein in a Diet

By: Winford Chang Imagine waking up every day with brittle skin, thin hair, and extreme fatigue that would be terrible, right? Well, all of those are side effects of protein deficiency.  Proteins are the main building blocks of your body. It’s everywhere …

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Transplanting Pig Kidney to the Human Body

By: Zeru (Peter) Li Recently, scientists at NYU Langone Health conducted a mind-blowing experiment: transplanting a pig’s kidney to the human body. The surgery was proven to be a success, and a brand new chapter in researching cross-species transplants begins. This could …

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Embracing Sustainability: Big Tech Edition

By: Zeru (Peter) Li As climate change continues to influence our lives, major tech companies, including Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, etc., are standing up to promote change and advocate for a sustainable future. There are many approaches to this problem, and some …

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Spatial Audio Demystified

By: Zeru (Peter) Li 3 months ago, on June 7th, 2021, Apple released its latest software updates in WWDC 2021. Of the new features it announced, one that attracted the most attention was probably the spatial audio feature. It does sound really …

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The Future of Movie Theaters

By: Zeru (Peter) Li The movie industry is always in a heated debate when it comes to its future prospects. Many tech-savvy optimists hold the strong belief that the future of movies will go online, either in the form of streaming services …

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New Brokerage Platforms?

By: Zeru (Peter) Li Stocks have always been a major opinionated topic people discussed, even as early as the beginning of the 20th century. Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor published in 1949 delivers the idea that one should carefully assess the long-term …

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China Cracks Down On Gaming For Kids

By: Kevin Zhang The Chinese government plans to tighten already stringent restrictions on the amount of time children can spend playing video games and have high confidence that their new rules will be obeyed.  China plans to restrict the gaming time of …

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