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Social Security

By Michael Yang

The recent presidential election featured debates over many topics, most prominently over issues such as immigration and taxes. However, practically no time was spent by either candidate on the topic of Social Security, a program which has many undeniable issues.

Social Security is an issue that is crucial to the future of our country, especially because the Baby Boomer generation is nearing retirement age. In its current form, Social Security will be unable to support the influx of retirees, much less remain self-sustaining for future generations. Despite this, neither candidate even mentioned cutting or reforming Social Security. The reason for this is the same reason neither candidate talked about cutting the military budget; to do so would mean losing a huge chunk of either candidate’s voting base (in the case of Social Security, any voter which is at or approaching retirement age). This appeasement of older voters causes Social Security to be swept under the rug election after election, only further exacerbating the issue.

Social Security, in its current form, is plagued with issues which make it unlikely to withstand the next generation, much less remain self sustaining for future generations. Serious reform is needed to fix this rarely discussed issue.

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