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By: Eileen Guo

YesStyle is a Hong Kong retailer that sells a wide range of products, from clothing to makeup to outdoor essentials, at prices as low as two dollars. Although prices and products appeal to a wide range of consumers, the American audience has yet to see what’s in store for them. By promoting this small, online Asian beauty retailer, everyone around the world would be able to know about the items available to them. YesStyle is known to many people in Asian countries, but many other countries have not seen what this retail store has to offer. This retailer does not only sell clothing at cheap prices, but also has beauty and skin products for beauty enthusiasts. Famous makeup brands in Asia are sold at very cheap prices and at a wide variety. YesStyle also sells home apparel, accessories, and footwear for men and women, but with the majority of styles limited to Asian attire, and most of the models being Asian. This retail store has not shown to be size inclusive, but would gain many more customers willing to buy products.

YesStyle brings the latest fashion trends to customers worldwide. Launched in July 2006, the YesStyle.com website leverages the success of YesAsia.com’s proven e-commerce platform and technology to deliver customers an exciting and unique destination for fashion, beauty and lifestyle products. With just a few clicks or swipes, shoppers arrange for a wide variety of items to be delivered straight to their doorsteps.

Easy access leads YesStyle to effortlessly connect with their target market, men and women of all ages. Just a few simple clicks and 24/7 access makes shopping quick and easy for any customer. More products are constantly being added to the wide varieties of items, giving the consumer an increasing array of products to choose from. 

Just as their mission states, YesStyle offers high quality products at low prices and has been slowly escalating up the online fashion industry.

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