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What Industries Can Do

Submitted by: Mengyu Liu


Protecting the environment is really important nowadays. Some chemistry factories let those pollutants go into the water and lakes are polluted. Even the atmosphere is polluted by the waste gas. It’s necessary for human beings to do something for our living environment.

One of the solutions is to plant more trees. Trees can produce oxygen in which animals can breathe in to live. They can also refresh our air to clean out the waste air. In my opinion, this should be done because it’s really good for our health. This may not be a the right option for California because we’re in a drought, but other states can do this.

Next, factories need to also step up their game. They need to clean up their mess that’s destroying our world. If the factories can handle the mess they’ve made, then our environment would be much better. If greedy money-thirsty companies can destroy our environment, and then our taxes pay people to clean up our environment, then these companies should pay the great majority of these taxes and not us.

Last but not least, people should produce better products that won’t produce so many pollutants. For example, cars are a great place to start. There are too many cars in the world. Public transportation should be better “enforced” in, especially,  the United States.

Protecting the environment is necessary for everyone. Everyone should be giving a hand for the world we live in in order to make life better. Let us strive for a bright future!

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Cindy is senior at Henry M. Gunn High School and is incredibly honored to be a part of the Rising Star Magazine team. She enjoys belting out Disney songs, playing piano, watching Chinese dramas, and babysitting. Cindy serves as California DECA's VP of Silicon Valley and is also the singing teacher at FCSN and the President of HEARTS Nonprofit. She can be contacted at cindy@risingstarmagazine.com

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