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The Greatest Problem

By: Jade Liu

Problems regarding the environment have become extremely serious all over the world. Due to the destruction of World War One and Two as well as the development of industry and agriculture after the war, natural sources are being plundered by human beings.

One of the most prominent examples is the reduction in trees. People are destroying trees without respect to nature. Nature without trees will collapse, and the greenhouse effect will be augmented greatly. The world will be, for lack of a better phrase, messed up. We should start solving this problem right away, by not just ceasing to cut down trees immediately but by calculating the grow and birth rate of the trees in order to build a sustainable system.

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Another serious problem is the waste water made from factories. This phenomenon mostly applies to developing countries. Profiteers try to maximize the profit from their products, so they need to constantly pour wastewater into rivers or streams. This kind of movement critically affects the life of the people living downstream, both in normal life and in agriculture. It’s a disaster. Governments should start emphasizing the importance of these problems and swiftly reacting to it in order to decrease the bad effects.

Overall, we the common people need to start acting also and be environmental-friendly people. To protect our world, we need to start from ourselves.

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