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Student Stress

By Michael Yang

Stress is often extremely prevalent in students’ life, especially high school juniors. Juniors, generally, are taking the majority of their standardized tests and most difficult courses in this time period, in addition to extracurricular activities which the student may have. Often, students can feel extremely overwhelmed during this time period; however, it is important to put things into perspective, and remember that high school does not define you.  A certain amount of stress is normal and even conducive to concentration and focus, but too much stress can negatively impact one’s health and ability to perform well in school.

Even though stress is extremely prevalent during this time, it is important to remember that you are more important as a person than your academic performance. Though junior year is very important in a student’s future college applications, from a long term perspective it is only a year. It is important to remember to stay calm during this time period. Stress isn’t ideal for one’s health, especially for teenagers, and though junior year can be a stressful time, it is important to remember to not let it consume you.

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