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Skipping a Grade in Math

Skipping a Grade in Math: the Pros and Cons


Skipping a grade in math for many students is an excellent option, but there are some disadvantages that can affect a student’s choice.



  • It can stimulate interest in mathematics and strengthen their learning initiative.
  • A student will have a more vast knowledge and deeper understanding in mathematics. This can be useful during tests, math competitions (especially Mathcounts and AMC), etc.
  • Many important exams involve having an advanced knowledge of mathematics, such as the SAT, ISEE, SSAT, etc.
  • Taking advanced courses early on in middle school will allow a student to have more opportunities to take advanced or AP math elective courses. Also, honors and AP courses increases GPA and boosts class rankings (weighted GPA). In addition, taking and finishing math courses like Algebra and Geometry in middle school gives the student more space to take electives in high school.
    • For example, many math and science courses work hand in hand. Many science courses require math prerequisites that must be completed beforehand. Often, it’s normal for students to take Pre-Calculus and Honors Physics in the same year, along with Calculus and AP Physics. Because many of the physics concepts revolve around math, taking these course pairings are optimal and makes the two courses both considerably easier.


  • Social development may be more difficult for the child when surrounded by older students.
  • A child who hastily skips a math grade (especially in the higher grades), will have a knowledge gap.
  • In older children, psychological fear of skipped content will hinder their performance. This will cause a lack of confidence.
  • If a student jumps several grades in math in high school, they may have to face a very large workload and a lot of stress placed upon them, thus increasing the time and energy needed during their high school experience.



  • Skip around to learn to do makeup work
  • Be ready for the jump. Spend time preparing for your class.
  • Make sure you take the course or courses you skipped over summer or during any free time. Be sure you have a good understanding of the course before moving on.
  • An early math grade skip will have less negative effects on a student in the long run because there will be more time to become comfortable with harder material and more time to fill in knowledge gaps.
  • Parents should give their child psychological care and pay attention to any problems the child is having.


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